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Goals & Values Exercise

Wealth Management Group, Inc.

The purpose of this Goals & Values exercise is to help you both identify and prioritize your goals. You are presented with a list of common goals and asked to rate their importance from 1=no importance to 5=highest importance. You may add and rate goals that do not appear on the list. Once you rate your goals, you will compare your most highly rated goals and decide which are most important. At the end of the exercise, you will receive a list of your goals in rank order.

This can be a powerful exercise. Here are tips to help you get the most from it:

  1. Allow yourself ample time to complete the exercise. You cannot save your answers and return to the exercise later.
  2. How long the exercise takes will depend on the number of goals to which you assign a value of 4 or 5. We recommend that you carefully consider the relative value of each goal during your initial assessment and limit the number of goals ranked 4 or 5 to fewer than six.
  3. This is an individual exercise. Couples should complete it separately, each without influence from the other partner.
  4. When you have completed the exercise, print a copy for your own reference and then use the email feature to send your results directly to your Advisor, who will review them with you at a future appointment.

Please rate the importance of each of the following:
1.Maintain present standard of living
2.Improve present standard of living
3.Improve future standard of living
4.Ability to live off investments by age (Age Required)
5.Total retirement at age (Age Required)
6.Education for children: pre-school through high school
7.Education for children: college or other post-secondary training
8.Education for self or spouse
9.Support of adult children
10.Support of parents or parents-in-law
11.Support of surviving (dependent) spouse
12.Support of political or philanthropic causes
13.Distribute wealth to heirs
14.Change or modify career activities
15.Change or modify nature or scope of business enterprise
16.Transfer control of business enterprise to others
17.Pursue family or social activities
18.Pursue other personal activities or experiences
19.Save regularly
20.Peace of mind regarding financial condition
21.Protection against financial loss
22.Change of residence
23.New car
24.Vacation house or recreational item
25.Extraordinary travel
26.Children's weddings
27. (Optional)
28. (Optional)
29. (Optional)
30. (Optional)
31. (Optional)

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